Just a short note tonight.  Things have been a bit crazy for the last couple of days.  A busy mix of EMS, Photography, Cub Scouts, Hunakkah, & Christmas. (We do both at our house.)  When the cub scout leader said the boys would be sitting on a trailor being pulled by a truck down main street for the Christmas Parade my first thought was of Jayden standing up and jumping off because it was to loud/bumpy/cold for him even if the thing was moving!  So after dressing as if we were headed to hunt polar bears in the Arctic we found our places on th sixteen foot trailor with hand warmers & glowsticks in hand.  To my suprise Jayden not only didn’t get antsy he did great!  He gets to talk to ALOT of people without getting to close to them, he is instructed to wave his hands over & over again yelling “Merry Christmas”, & he is carted around instead of having to walk for himself!  A perfect situation for him!
     We got our report back from the OT & she suggests around once a week for about an hour.  I am at work tonight so I have yet to give it a read through but Samantha says it describes sessions that involve over stimulating him & some that put his hands/arms into two different textures at the same time.  Its one of those things that I am looking forward to so much but at the same time you know its going to be so hard for him.  All I have heard & read from other parents is that OT is the best rout to go though, that after some hard work & a bit of time strides can be made.  I’m not sure what I would do if Jayden would eat something other than chicken nuggets!  I’m sure he will do well, lord knows when we went down for the evaluation he was loving it because of the indoor gym/playground they had.
Well, I have been at work for 3 days now & I’m very ready to head home tomorrow morning!  Usually I only work 48 hours at a time but I needed to cover but with so much going on at the house it makes it go by fast for the boys.  I look forward to walking through the door & getting the “DADDY!” hug, that 30 seconds is with out a doubt the best part of my day.  Sometimes Jayden may sound like he is reading from a book when he is trying to sound nice or empathetic but at least that one smile of the day is always real genuine excitement, sometimes hard to catch  but if you look hard enough its there. Thanks for reading!