Sundays are always my favorite day.  On any given day of the week I can be working a shift at the ambulance station, shooting a families pictures, meeting with a client, Jayden’s cub scouts, or Zion’s soccer games.  Needless to say while I have no misconceptions that Samantha and I have the craziest lives in the world but I would like to think maybe its the craziest in our little corner of Oklahoma!  So, needless to say we all treasure the days that we have nothing to do…at all…all day long.  The best of those few days are the Sundays because business isn’t done (unless by appointment), mail doesn’t run, and things just seem to stand just a bit more still.  Nothings better than a Sunday at home with my family.
     As great as our still Sundays are I had kind of a wake up call today.  Jayden is with out a doubt a daddy’s boy!  He lives and breaths me with everything he does.  It remains to be seen if that’s healthy or not and lord knows how much we try and back him off a bit when he gets just a bit to clingy but nothing works.  Now if that’s the Asperger’s or if that’s the fact that his biological mother was, let just say not the best person for the job, I’m not sure of.  For reasons unknown to me today was a holiday art day for Jayden.  We started the day off with a home made card game that was an improvisation on spinning the dreidel.

     Shortly after the hour long spinning dreidel card game we moved onto randomly getting Valentines cards from him.  Samantha got a card with a simple heart and J+S scratched into the middle of it.  After successfully melting Samantha’s heart Jayden pulls me to the side, bends me down as to speak in my ear, & tells me to look at the other side of Samantha’s card but “Lets keep this between us.”  Needless to say on the other side is hearts with arrow and more hearts with Daddy+Jayden scrolled out.  Later on in the day we had a similar run in when Jayden came in with some sort of bug bite on the back of his neck.  Being a dad and an EMT it didn’t look bad at all so I gave him just a bit of the sympathy he wanted and sent him on his way.  After a little more complaining about it Samantha, in full mommy mode, springs into action with the cream.  Kisses, sympathy, & cream in place she turns to put the medicine back into the cabinet; no more than two steps away for him he exclaims something to the tune of “thanks alot Sam, now it hurts even more!”  Back to folding cloths Samantha has a look on her face like Ol’ Yeller just got called to the shed!  After talking to her for a second she said something that really opened my eyes.  I told her to try and be understanding.  That’s when I realized, and she let me know, that we work so hard to be careful not to hurt his feelings but its a hard pill to swallow when your 7 year old hurts your feelings.  Sometime I think as parents we look out for the kids feelings so much I forget about Samanthas.  Not only that but in thinking about the last few sentences I realize I have gone all Danny Tanner on you & sat you down on the bed, key up the soft moment music, and let talk about life lessons with DJ.  Sorry about that!
WOW, look at that post. All gloomy & serious! I promis that is not the norm for me at all but hey, everyone needs it now & then.  Thanks for reading & don’t forget to comment, like me on facebook, & share a link!