Just a shot quip for now.  I find myself running to get everything I can done after sending the kids off to school in the mornings as for the most part I now realize the day ends at 3:30PM when they get home.  All work, cleaning, & anything else really is pretty much put on hold til the next day.  Its funny at times because Samantha & I start working when I get home from dropping rugrats off; he at the desktop and myself at the laptop clicking away for an hour or so then its a mad dash cleaning of the house along with a couple of loads of dirty cloths.  This is all while we still have the smallest one under our feet being that his “Baby School” as he calls it is only in session three days a week.  But, as I’m sure some of you who have multiple kids can attest to, when you have just one less for the day or hour you feel like you can do just about anything.  We sometimes joke when ever we are headed to photography shoots & all three kids are at grandma’s house that we have to catch dinner & act like we don’t have kids for a couple of hours, we are just on a date!  Hey, you gotta get that together time when you can! 

     We are headed to O.T. tomorrow in Norman, OK at JD McCarty Center.  Jayden really looks forward to it, he comes back a bit wound up but once he starts the chilling out process things get better quick.  Thanks for reading! I will be blogging about a new movie I have been sent & hope to get a chance to watch tonight called Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic.  I was sent a copy that arrived yesterday & I’m pretty excited to watch it!  I’ll be throwing out my two cents on it later tonight so stay tuned. Also I’ve got a “Follow Me” box to the right now so make sure to sign up & then head over to facebook to LIKE Adventures In Asperger’s!