So it’s officially April now!  Autism Awareness Month!  Today & tomorrow are all about “Light It Up Blue” & tomorrow is official Autism/Aspergers Awareness Day!  We all are showing out with our blue & headed over to a local Parents Day Out program to show the little ones the PBS Arthur Episode where they introduce the character with Asperger’s.  It does a really good job of showing the kids that it’s not so strange or odd, even Arthur & his crew have a friend with Autism!  I mean, come on really, I’m pretty sure Sponge Bob is Autistic, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an Asperger diagnosis of both Phineas and Ferb, & lets not kid ourselves about Max from Max & Ruby! Get that kid in some OT will you Ruby!

Well, I will have allot more to say later today. I have to get on my way & start the day but thanks for stopping by the blog! I still have the review on its way of Loving Lampposts, sorry for the delay but I wanted to watch it a second time, its really good!! Anyway, get your blue on & show out for Autism & Asperger’s! Even if you think you don’t know someone on the spectrum does mean you don’t!