For the longest time before Jayden was diagnosed with an official “I Dub The Sir Asperger’s” title from the doc we would have good days & bad days.  Sometimes a moment would come along & we would look at each other & say ‘He’s just fine!’ but other times we would shoot each other a look & use our creepy husband wife telepathic communication to scream ‘What The Hell Is Going On!’ We still have those days but I understand it a little more & how to deal with it.  On my facebook page, I’ll start it on my twitter as well today, I’ve started posting ‘Asperger’s Moments’. I’m sure if you have a kid on the spectrum you know what I’m talking about. Last night we were went out to eat & after a long while the waitress came buy to check on us, making small talk with Jayden she asked him how old are you? A long awkward pause later he replied “Hey, Don’t forget about my Macaroni & Cheese” When things like this happened, kind of funny but in need of letting him know what was the expected response, we used to say ‘Epic Autism Fail!’ but I like Asperger’s Moment better. So, if you aren’t a fan over on facebook or a follower on twitter, check it out!
     On a side note, as some of you already know, my wife & I own a photography studio. We had the opportunity to photograph Dennis Miller the other night & it was awesome! Such a nice guy & really funny!  Couple that with an awesome client calling last week after just giving birth to a happy & healthy baby girl! We shifted some things around & squeezed in an appointment! I love doing pictures of kids & I really love doing pictures of any kind of spacial needs kids because being around Jayden all the time I think helps us be just a bit more understanding of what it takes to get the shot. That being said, not matter how hard that is newborns are crazy! Yeah they are sleepy & cute no matter what they do but they also pee all over you, drool like a basset hound, & sometimes get shifty. Anyway, I really love doing them for the same reason I like doing weddings, its a once in a lifetime photo. That baby will never be that small again! Its just cool to me. I love my job. So, I’ll leave you with my favorite from our session.