So if you visit me often then you remember that I watched & gave my two cents on a great documentary that came out about the different sides of the autism movement or ‘Autism Wars’ called Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic.  I really enjoyed it!  Since I enjoyed it I thought you all might enjoy it, so I’m giving a copy away here on my blog! No contest or crazy directions just leave a comment on this post about something your kid has done or said that kind of…threw you for a loop! Autistic, Aspie, Neurotypical, it doesn’t matter because all kids do it! A couple of years ago Zion (5 years old now) got hungry & turned on the oven, then put his sock inside to cook for a bit! He also got the notion about the same time (just a month later) to do a bit of ironing, so he plugged it right in & the realized “hey, if I get caught doing this I’m in trouble” so he headed back to his room to play…leaving the iron on still up on the shelf! Needless to say iron gets hot, hot turns to flames, flames grow like crazy, & firetrucks come to your house! Now, reading both those things scream to me ‘Why would my wife ever leave me home alone with the kids!’ Yes, she was out for the afternoon both times & I still haven’t lived it down!
     Anyway, comment & on Monday afternoon I will randomly select a winner. If you don’t win & still want a copy just head over to Cinema Libre & pick you up one! Below is the trailer just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for reading!