Awe the majestic T-Rex DinoBite. We see to the left the beast in his natural habitat, cautiously approaching the great Bar-B-Q lake to quench his thirst as two smaller bites look on.

     Yeah, Samantha had to run out & do a photo shoot tonight leaving us guys here at the house alone! So needless to say we had a little walk through the fun side of dinner… Not that my wife isn’t fun…not that we don’t have a great time when she is home… awe man! You see we can say stuff like that with out fear because 1. Samantha knows we are all goof balls 2. I have to say that under the direction of my three gift directors that advised me for mothers day to buy her something “Sparkly that costs money” I can safely say we got this holiday right!

     Another blog about my awesome trip to the Oklahoma Science Museum with Jayden’s second grade class is soon to come so check back!