Been a long week folks! First off I have a confession to make…wait for it….wait for it…we put up our Christmas Tree! It’s not really cold outside, we haven’t finished our shopping, & we can’t even seem to get in the mood for Thanksgiving let alone Christmas but none the less we were bit by a bug the other day & just did it out of the blue. As you can see from the pictures we drug it all out, even my Christmas 1981 ball that my mom got while she was preggo with me. Deano found the Menorah & the cat found a new home about mid way up the tree beside the Scooby Doo & behind the glittery snowflakes.

Zion dressing up the tree

Deano getting X-Rays

          You know the big tubs that you keep all your Christmas decorations in? Well, I see a storage tub when I look at them but my boys on the other hand see a race car! Deano (3 years) put it up on the bed, jumped inside, & put the peddle to the metal! About that time I guess he hit a curve because the tub…I mean race car flipped off the bed & so did the driver. From downstairs it sounded like another Earthquake. After some inspection & alot of crying we decided to head to the ER for some x-rays to rule out the possibility of a broken arm. A couple of hours later we headed home, bones intact, with enough Tylenol in our system to sedate a small village in Africa. All is well now.
     Jayden, our 8 year old Aspie, had his first big school project this Thanksgiving. He had the choice of log cabin or teepee. After some back & forth we came to the teepee decision, as long as we could have 3D fire! I’ve never built a log cabin & though it might be shocking to learn that though I am 1/256 Choctaw I have never built a teepee either! (I know, shocking! Don’t tell!) Despite the deck being stacked against us I think with the hay from our Halloween decorations, some sticks from the wood pile, & a cut up brown paper bag we did pretty good!
     School has been been ROUGH! Really it’s been school & home! Jayden just lies & lies & lies. The teacher sent home 5 or so papers he shoved into his desk, we got those done & had a talk about it. Next I got an e-mail saying it has been impossible to get him to do anything in class. During a test the teacher noticed he wasn’t doing anything & redirected him “Jayden you need to start from where we are.” nothing, didn’t answer even one. Later on the spelling test he did the same thing. She sent me a message letting me know & I asked him about it. “How did you do on your spelling test jayden?” he says “Great!” “So what did you get on it?” He says “I got a 100!” even after I told him I knew that was a lie, he still gave me a few more lies before coming clean! It’s been this way all week. I don’t know what is Asperger’s & what is normal 8 year old & what is “oh my gosh what have I raised!”
     To top all this off you may be wondering why there is a photo of a card playing sock monkey being attacked by a bodiless alligator? I’m not sure entirely. I found this crime scene in the boys room, the best I can tell sock monkey was lured to a back room casino to take part in high stakes Ol’ Maid & when he couldn’t pony up the bananas Woody from Toy Story had to teach him that though they are toys, they don’t play around! But that’s just my theory!

Thanks for reading!