BFF 4 Ever!

     If you have never heard of Elf On The Shelf then you are missing out!  I’ll save you the explanation but if you need one feel free to click here. Needless to say our elf, Elfie-Delfie as he has been named, is a bit strange. He gets into the bag of marshmallows, plays with the cat, & sometimes even take photos with woody from Toy Story because Elfie is a massive Woody fan!  We have only had him for less than a week I thought I would post up a short top 3 list of how our Elf hangs rolls! 

The Freezer is cold like the North Pole {There’s No Place Like Home!}

The Cuddle Bear! {Best friends don’t shake hands, best friends hug!}

The Hanukkah Elf! {Including matching beard & sidelocks!}

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