1. Max from Max & Ruby: For the longest time my main thought about Max & Ruby has been; Where are their parents!?! After watching several episodes with my four year old recently I realized that Max may just have ASD. Repetitiveness, only semi-verbal, & a lot of times Ruby likes to point out that he is inappropriate.

2. Ferb Fletcher of Phineas & Ferb:  I don’t even have to get past the intro song to make a case for this one! Building a rocket, Creating nanobots, Discovering something that doesn’t exist, Or giving a monkey a shower! Phineas has a lot of great ideas but Ferb is the one who makes it all happen. Rarely do you see a smile, frown, or even hear this little guy speak. 
3. SpongeBob Square Pants:  There is only one way to do anything with Spongebob! Social Q’s? Whats that?  Squidward’s sarcasm flys right by him! Last but not least, ask this kid about Jelly Fishing or being a Fry Cook & see the wealth of knowledge that flows out of his mouth, special interests much?

4. Schroeder from Peanuts:  Okay, so my kids are really not into
Charlie Brown but knowing now what I know after having a son with Asperger’s I’m going to have to call out Peanuts on Schroeder! Not a lot of eye contact, not a lot of small talk, just him with his beloved piano & sheet music.