Like I said in my last blog, the boys were bound & determined to stay up all night for New Years Eve! I told them they could & for weeks all we heard about was that the first one who feel asleep was going to get pranks pulled on them! Well, you can’t talk about all that childish non sense with a 29 year old kid like named Dad with out going all out! So I took the boys to the store & got the staples like Whip Cream & Cheese in a can. As you can see our 3 year old Dean was the first victim! He was getting tired & faking a little too because the anticipation of waiting for someone to actually fall asleep was killing all three of them but he was pretty caught off guard when I started decorating him with the spray cheese. After Deano got cleaned up they were in high gear but so sleepy so we solved the problem with 1. I “fell asleep” so they all ran into the kitchen & got the whip cream. Jayden in all his wisdom was going to show them how this was done! He crept up nice & quiet to me & stuck the nozzle in my mouth & unleashed a mouth full of whip cream. Not to be outdone I gave all three a spit take of whip cream!! Laughing & running ensued, except for Jayden who just gave me a smirk & a “What the heck dude!” Already talking like a teen! 2. While Jayden, in all his aspergers wisdom is a pretty sharp stick he still suspected nothing when we changed the clock from 10PM to 12AM & celebrated early so they could go ahead & get to bed. They got up the next day telling everyone how they stayed up ALL NIGHT! 
Zion’s Self Portrait
Don’t Stare!

     On a side note Zion got one of the Kid Tuff digital cameras for Christmas & when we downloaded the photos we found a great self portrait that I really like. Going through my wife’s camera I found another gem that I was not as crazy about! Jayden got a mood ring & as he was riding his scooter it feel off. After the crying stopped I started going through the grass. Now in her defense every time I have the chance to snap a picture of my wife’s backside I do & MAN does she hate that! Now I understand why, granted the fact that I’m cool enough to still be sporting my Mario Brother PJ pants under my jeans make her photo WAY better than anything I could have taken! So I will chalk this one up to payback & put it out there for the world. P.S. this photo comes straight from the photo section of my wife’s facebook page!
     The boys came to us the other morning to let us know that Karen, our cat, is sick. Her stomach hurts & she is crying, Zion & Jayden said. Well, I’ve never had a cat so I didn’t know what the heck was going on. All I knew was that she was loud, cuddly, & very twitchy! My wife informed me that she was in heat! Time to take the cat to the vet!!
     The night tonight came to a close with Tetris, we get kind of serious when it comes to our Tetris at the house. My wife & I tend to be pretty competitive at it. I was reminded that I’m old when she jokingly said after I won the first round “Lucky we aren’t playing strip tetris!” Well, to the 18 year old guy in me that sounds awesome!! Before she can even finish I’m proclaiming “We’re playing!” The 18 year old guy lasted about 45 seconds into that second game when I realized 3 things that remind me I’m in fact not 18, not young, & not as wild & crazy as I once was. 1) I suck at all games & 90% of the time loose miserably. 2) I have already changed into my PJs & as a result am not wearing near as many cloths as I should be when playing this stupid game! 3) I have a cat that gives me very judging looks & three boys that I am not prepared to explain why I am on the couch playing Wii naked to! I’ll be 30 in April & I’m think I’m starting slowly warm up to being 30!