So I have been out of the loop for a bit! Sorry about that! A lot has happened in a short amount of time. For three days in a row last week our aspie’s school called letting us know that he had thrown things, ripped up work, & just in general been pretty disruptive/uncooperative so for two of those I had to come pick him up early. On the third day, after having an “I don’t know what the hell to do!?!” talk with Jayden that involved me just sitting him down & having a frank honest somewhat adult discussion all Andy Griffith style. Needless to say I felt really good about the talk & he really seemed to understand but when he told me after school that he did great I wanted to verify so I called his teacher to ask before she left for the day. What she told me was that when he came to school he was a bit hyper & started the day by touching some of the furry classroom pillows to his face (he likes the texture of fleece or super soft stuff) When she saw this she said to me that she decided after the last three days being as hard has they had been she “Just needed a break from him for the day.” So she sent him to the special needs class for the whole day.

     This year, third grade, has been really hard & has progressively got worse so after much discussion & even Jayden going over the pros & cons of Home school Vs. Public School we have decided to take the home school plunge! As of this Thursday my son will be home schooled! It even odd to say/type. I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that I was not near smart enough to educate anyone on anything! Lets cross our fingers that I was wrong because I am now a teacher. A teacher; Fixing moldy young minds…or something about molding & young minds anyway!  I talk like I’m worried but I really believe he is going to take off like never before. Already I gave him the standard 3rd grade math test orally, just to see where we would be at & he passed with an A. With his crazy love for Science/Chemistry, Egypt, Japan, & the fact that he is a third grader that talks about how bad he wants to go to College already I am pretty confident that we are going to rock the socks off of homeschooling! Honestly I’m more worried about finding time for my wife & I to be 1. alone together (NO, not for THAT reason…dirty minded!) & 2. alone by ourselves! You have to make time for YOU & that’s hard to do as it is. We are going to do it though.
     On the home front, as many of you who on readers on my Facebook know, our cat Karen has been under the weather the last week or so. The other day we all six took a trip to the Animal Hospital to get this thing figured out. Well, we found that Karen has leukemia & the Vet says we are looking at 3 months at best! Since then she hasn’t had much to eat or drink & is headed down hill. We did a Full House moment with the kids & told them what was going on & what to expect but not a one of them really got a handle on it. I don’t think it will really set in until it happens. Sometimes you just want to throw your hands up & say “Really?”