I blog a lot about my kids, about my life with them, & about the things we do to try and teach them how to act. I don’t often blog about all the great things my wife & kids have taught me over the years! So here is a very short history of me & few of the things I thought of today that my wife & sons have taught me. I hope you enjoy. {If you don’t already ‘Follow’ my blog you totally should, it’s right over there ——->}

Being Born, My Mom’s ‘Kiss My Gritts’ Shirt, Depression Over
The Birth Of My Little Brother, & Hanging Out With My
Great Grandfather

Boyz In The Suburban Hood Circa 1994
Band Geek? Nope, I took geek to a new level
via the high school Orchestra!

In 2003 I, though still a baby, had a baby

Since Having Kids I’ve Learned All Kinds Of Stuff!!

I learned how to play baseball!

How To Be A Mature Responsible Adult

How To Be A Plumber…An Italian Plumber No Less!

I Learned How To Get Girls To Like Me!

Learned How To Shop
Learned How To Make Girls Hate Me!
Learned How To Eat Right & Not Play With Your Food…Much..

Learned That Dad’s Are The Only Monster You Need Fear!

Chicks Dig A Guy With His Own Wheels

There are important things a dad should teach his son

Learned How To Think Before I Speak….Still Thinking…

Learned Leprechauns Are In Fact REAL!

Parenting styles vary just a bit from family to family

Learned All About Hospitals & How Comfortable Couches Are!

Learned I’m A Lucky Son Of A Gun

I learned that even though you THINK you know the rules to a game, you don’t!
I learned how to cook

I learned that I wasn’t cut out for 9-5 jobs

I learned some crazy shit goes down in a house when
mom leaves for a day!