While I am a day late here is my 2 cents that I’m throwing in for this weeks Ryan Gosling Special Needs meme. If you havn’t seen this before or even if you have you should head over to Sunday Stilwells blog, Adventures In Extreme Parenthood. It’s only one of the best blogs out there!

     I have to work tomorrow & spring break is headed to an end so we are using today as our lazy sunday. We headed out to our local lake to play on the beach & look for some shells. To be honest we did the same thing yesterday as well just at a different lake. Its just been to nice & if you want these kids to get outside you really have to either force them or find them something really spectacular to do. For us exploring is just right! Even Jayden likes to get out & see the shells, today he found what was left of a dead turtle that he really got to take a good look at. He inspects the peices of shell, the bones, & after brushing the sand away went all indiana jones on me “This belongs in a museum!” A pretty great day.