Today is my wife Samantha’s 27th Birthday!  So since I’m so weak that I broke down & gave her present to her a night early I thought I would post a bit about this amazing woman who has changed our lives in so many ways! We really are the luckiest 4 guys on the face of the whole planet earf!! (May need some explaining: After watching Independence Day with Will Smith I can’t help but say “Earf” now because Will punches the alien saying “Welcome to earf!” it makes me giggle)
on to the awesomeness!

A Letter To My Wife

Dear Samantha,

     When you were just a kid & rocking some Clarrisa Explains It All/Blossom hair I bet you had no idea your life would end up like it has.  In our years together we have been through so much & we all know you don’t hear how much we love you near enough. So on your birthday we thought we would let you know!

We loved you when you were young & fresh & had know idea of what you were getting yourself into by going on that first date with me.

We loved you when you were still getting crash courses in our split personalities & only sleeping for an hour a night. We loved you when you got up the next morning after not sleeping & did all the things that you had to do & only pulled out one hand full of hair instead of all of your hair!

We loved you because no day was to big, no meal was to messy, & no meltdown was to nuclear for you…even dad’s!

We loved that even though you knew how crazy we were & how crazy life was you still wanted to add another brother, friend, playmate, & co-hort to our mix.

We love that you made it all legal & official!

We love that you are never to busy to read us a story….

that your never to busy for us to tell YOU a story….

& never to busy to check out the things we find interesting…no matter what they may be!

We love that you are there for us on the days that we are cute & want to cuddle!!

& on the days that we may not be cute & cuddly!

You show all three boys understanding & love even when they do things they shouldn’t…

& the same goes for dad!!

We want to be just like you!! Cause your awesome! In conclusion…

You are one classy broad & we love you very much!!
                Tom, Jayden, Zion, Deano, & Steve the Cat.