Well, its April! Autism Month! I love & hate this month all at the same time. On one hand a lot of good awareness is raised but on the other hand the vultures come out of the wood work to make a buck off of it! I am probably just a bit grumpy but it sure seems like there is a lot of donating going on & not a lot of programs being offered. Or maybe its just where we live, I don’t know but hey…not knowing has never stopped me from bitching a little about something! I’m sure Autism Speaks & the scores of other groups out there do some good things & the bone that I pick is not that my family isn’t getting anything out of it, we do okay. My problem is I don’t know, see, or read about ANY families really reaping benefits. After sneaking a peak at the tax reports for massive organizations like Autism Speaks it really stings to see how much money is going INTO these groups Vs. how much {& to who} all that money is going OUT to.
     What started all my grumpiness is when I read the article in the Huffington Post about 10 things to do after an autism diagnosis. That started it. What wound it up to me having a drink & tweeting mean things to the author was the other article she wrote about how most dads of autistic kids turn tail & run leaving the mother to care for the kid! Grrrr!! So what did I do about all my grumpiness!?! Nothing! Ryan Gosling’s got my back though!
     As always head over to Sunday Stilwell’s blog Adventures In Extreme Parenthood to see all the other bloggers linking up their Special Needs Ryan Gosling posts! They are crazy funny & one of the highlights of my week.

     On a side note my wife, who is only the best photographer on the whole earf, took just a few photos of me & I loved the way they turned out so I thought I would share a couple!