Mom Keeping Watch At The Park

As of Thursday school is out & summer is here! I can remember when I was a kid & this was the best time of the year but as an adult, as a parent, its….well….it’s fun sometimes. Summer is a very scary time! It probably sounds bad but these kids are around….all…the…time!! These next few months will pretty much be a balancing act of our sanity & their boredom, fall to far either way & it ends in disaster, or daddy having to break into his special cabinet that is above the stove with the grown up drinks! I’m just sayin…

We have already started, our summers are full of lake days & park days & zoo days & you get my drift? First we headed to the local park for a start. Another day we went to Oklahoma City, about 35 min away, to hangout on the river walk & see a movie. All in all its been good so far! The time that’s not filled with activity is filled with Asperger’s most of the time. Meaning 30 min explanations of how things work, blueprints for invention ideas, new spells, information about…well, everything! It can be daunting at times! Even as I type these words I am Dad muti-tasking, Jayden is giving me a play by play & background on the Harry Potter movie that just came on TV. Yes, I know you can speak Parseltongue. No, I didn’t know that the Avada Kedavra Curse couldn’t be blocked by any other spell! Settling into the summer will just take us a while!

Working Together, Rolling The Earth Over Zion
Hanging Out On The Riverwalk Downtown OKC
Downtown OKC