I’m not one for confrontation, I will eat an under or over cooked steak that I’m given, you can make a crappy comment about my tattoo’s or my RayBans & I’m not going to call you out most of the time but  I’ve been reading so much about the AutismOne/Generation Rescue Conference that I couldn’t help but post my disdain for the whole thing.
Okay Jenny McCarthy, you & your years of medical knowledge can tell me all about how vaccines cause autism but when you give a platform to a bunch of other quacks that are even crazier than you are, well that’s just uncalled for! I mean really, I hope I’m not being to harsh but I didn’t know Playboy University handed out degrees in parenting & medicine. This guy isn’t going to go into all the crazy that was packed into the AutismOne Conference but I will say that MAN there is sure a lot of crazy going on in these people’s heads!
This brings me to the point of my blog today:

Oh AutismOne, Generation Rescue, & Jenny McCarthy how I loathe thee. Let me count the ways!

  • Miracle Mineral Supplement (Bleach Enemas For Autism)
  • Two truck loads of PR about how you know how low income families feel & then charge $250 to come & have a cocktail with you.
  • ‘Classes’ & ‘Presentations’ by people like Ol’ Doc Wakefield & a plethora of other quacks peddling everything under the sun to parents for a buck!
  • In multiple interviews you say after diagnosis you said you didn’t like what the Dr said so you went home & Googled Autism, found Generation Rescue(one of the first pages you looked at), & learned from their site/”Doctors” that other Doctors were bad & didn’t care! So you took over the organization & pumped money into it to make it the well oiled Bull Sh*t Factory it is today!

I’m stopping myself for your sake! I leave you with this, when it all boils down to brass tacks & all the money, fame, networking with Dr. I Got My License In A Cracker Jack Box…after all of that when you look at it all I see is this: