Jenny McCarthy’s Tears Cure Autism! {The Shocking Story Revealed!}

I’m not one for confrontation, I will eat an under or over cooked steak that I’m given, you can make a crappy comment about my tattoo’s or my RayBans & I’m not going to call you out most of the time but  I’ve been reading so much about the AutismOne/Generation Rescue Conference that I couldn’t help but post my disdain for the whole thing.
Okay Jenny McCarthy, you & your years of medical knowledge can tell me all about how vaccines cause autism but when you give a platform to a bunch of other quacks that are even crazier than you are, well that’s just uncalled for! I mean really, I hope I’m not being to harsh but I didn’t know Playboy University handed out degrees in parenting & medicine. This guy isn’t going to go into all the crazy that was packed into the AutismOne Conference but I will say that MAN there is sure a lot of crazy going on in these people’s heads!
This brings me to the point of my blog today:

Oh AutismOne, Generation Rescue, & Jenny McCarthy how I loathe thee. Let me count the ways!

  • Miracle Mineral Supplement (Bleach Enemas For Autism)
  • Two truck loads of PR about how you know how low income families feel & then charge $250 to come & have a cocktail with you.
  • ‘Classes’ & ‘Presentations’ by people like Ol’ Doc Wakefield & a plethora of other quacks peddling everything under the sun to parents for a buck!
  • In multiple interviews you say after diagnosis you said you didn’t like what the Dr said so you went home & Googled Autism, found Generation Rescue(one of the first pages you looked at), & learned from their site/”Doctors” that other Doctors were bad & didn’t care! So you took over the organization & pumped money into it to make it the well oiled Bull Sh*t Factory it is today!

I’m stopping myself for your sake! I leave you with this, when it all boils down to brass tacks & all the money, fame, networking with Dr. I Got My License In A Cracker Jack Box…after all of that when you look at it all I see is this:

10 thoughts on “Jenny McCarthy’s Tears Cure Autism! {The Shocking Story Revealed!}

  1. nikki

    great post. pseudo medical (fraudolent,actually given the origin of the vaccin claim..) rumors take a long time to die, and celebrities can push a ’cause’ into way more significance via the media than they ever would have reached. i am pretty new to all this (pre-diagnosed 6yo), but am already fed up with all the non-information you find online, hear from people, see in a news show snippet on tv. argh.

  2. Lexi

    This is so funny! I DIED! I JUST wrote a post on how she CAUSES autism. Now we know she cures it, too!


  3. debi9kids

    omg. SO glad Sunday posted this on her FB page.
    (although finding it hard to find how seriously she is taken by the media funny. Instead, it’s just plain old sad.)

  4. Amy Sheridan

    Thank you for this! Freakin’ brilliant! I love how she has THE ONLY CURE FOR AUTISM EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD. And then she says her son never had autism. Blows my MIND. She decides to get naked for Playboy. For autism. Of course. Ugh. I cannot STAND her stance. So narrow minded.

  5. Courtney Barnum

    THANK YOU!!! I despise Skanky McCarthy. I get flack every time I talk about her on my page, but I don’t care. She is trash, he “cures” are a dangerous joke! I hope she gets fired from the View. She makes me sick!

  6. Andrian

    We have no autism in our home, just ADHD, ODD, antixey, OCD and clinical depression number three wins for me. Seriously. Every day. And I think you are my favorite blogger mom in the world!Jennifer recently posted..

  7. Teresa Ohlsen

    I have noticed yours and your sons YouTube channel and love it I have just started my own and would love some advise my son is eight and is diagnosed as high fuctioning autistic add ice I could go on but they are just labels and to me mean nothing I believe if we focus on there good attributes of there gifts like my son loves space and maths shapes he lacks reading skills but wants to learn cause he wants to know how to follow things on Mindcraft and read the books on space that he has I am in Australia and the funding over here is pathetic to say the least once they hit seven you get 20 life time visits to Therpy and ya done things need to change for our children everywhere not just Australia or America as I believe they are our future inventors our leaders the human species has to evolve and it is trying imagine a child with the intelligence of our children with none of the social problems and anxiety and there loviness for everyone our world would change please could you follow my blog and YouTube channel as I admire what you have done it is #autisim my life Or if you can’t find that search Space fun Autisum my email is sorry if it is weird for me to email u but I also have had to teach my son at home due to lak of funding in Australia and I am trying to change that our children are our future

    Yours sincerely Teresa Anita Ohlsen


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