Before I even jump into a post I want to say ‘Thank You’ to all of you who have called, posted, donated, texted, sent carrier pigeons, etc letting our family know we are not alone & not without a support system that rivals a small country! You all have really turned the devastating experience of loosing everything to a house fire into an overcomeable obstacle that we can take on. I wish I could visit each person & say thanks but since I can’t I hope you all know how much you have help my family & how much we truly appreciate every single one of you.

     On to the new stuff… We gots us a house! Four bedrooms, a fenced back yard, & oh my even a garage! I stopped off to get a hair cut because, like I told the boys just a day or two after the fire, ‘Just because our house burned down doesn’t mean we have to look like hobos!’ & as I’m talking to our barber about everything happening he mentions that he has a house for rent we should take a look at! After looking at it & realizing it’s not only a good house at a good price but its what we have wanted for a very long time! Doing our best to look on the bright side of the situation it was the quickest move we have ever made since we didn’t have anything to move, just sayin’.

The New House!
     The youngest of the three boys, Deano(4), is adjusting pretty well & if you ask him about it you get a shrugged shouldered “My house burnt up but that’s okay, I didn’t like those toys anyway & daddy says I get new ones!” Zion, 6 years, who has an anxiety disorder does pretty well with everything too. Mainly he misses Steve The Cat who he loved to bury his face into much to the cat’s chagrin. Both play with the new toys we have let them buy or people have donated & both still do what Samantha & I keep doing: ‘Hey, I’ve got {insert 1 of 1000 things} I can play with or use!” then you snap to reality to realize it is gone & no you don’t have that anymore.

Sonic! Helps calm every time!

     Jayden, our 9 year old aspie, had a bit of a breakdown when we took him to see the house for the first time. After that he has done pretty well as long as he stays occupied. His routine is so far gone, the norm of his room is so far gone, almost nothing is familiar to him but he is overcoming very well. While I know he really likes his new room, the back yard, & his new desk I also know that he is a blaze with thoughts & overloaded senses. He rambles on about the newest Bang-Blade he wants & how it compares to the ones he has &…oh…dad…just in case you need it for Christmas shopping here is a book of pictures of the bang-blades I want & I also attached their model numbers on a separate sheet of paper for you. Trouble focusing, trouble calming, trouble sleeping, but he’s a trooper. He comes to us every couple of nights & asks for a bit of Melatonin & that helps him sleep, not sure what we would do with out that stuff! Asperger’s is hell at times like this. By the age of 9 I can still remember what was in my room & I would have been a bumbling mess of screaming & throwing things, my dad would buy me something or take me somewhere & with some time under my belt I would get over it. Jayden on the other hand internalizes almost everything until is spills all out at once. A month ago we were consoling him in the middle of the night after finding him crying about how much he missed ‘The Elf On The Shelf’ from Christmas. Another time we did the same thing when we found him crying about a gold fish that died 2 years earlier. The way he adapts in some areas catches me off guard sometimes, he broke down at seeing the house & after we cried a bit we went to wal-mart to get a few toys. That first toy he got, Bang-Blades, is now some what of an obsession of the last few days. Every conversation & interaction involves them in some way now. We will see what tomorrow brings.
       One of the great things that is happening is that my sister-in-law is throwing us a house warming party this weekend! My mom, who makes cakes, is working on {at my sick & twisted request!} a gingerbread style house with a bit of the roof gone & maybe some flames! I know….I’m so freakin’ tacky but if you can’t laugh you can’t survive! Anyway, I’m sure you will catch some pictures of the fun. A few people are e-mailing & asking what we still need, we registered for the little things we need at Wal-Mart. If you feel like you would like to & are able to here is a link to our registry & the Facebook Page. Thanks again for all the support & stay tuned, things are only lookin’ up from here!
Anyone Want To Buy A 32″ TV?
Jadyen’s Room, his bed is under the shingles from the roof.
My bedroom.
What used to be our bed.
Another pic of Jayden’s Room
Hey, we still have Dish!
Zion & Deano’s Room.