Our “House Warming” Cake!

     It’s been a while, sorry about that! Things have been great! As you can see from the picture on the right, our cake at the house warming part was twisted yet awesome, just like us! To all of you who sent us things & purchased things on our registry, thank you so so so much for just being there for me & my family. Everyone who comes to this blog, everyone from people who donated money to people who sent cloths; the people who messaged to the people who just clicked a “Like” button, every single one of you mean the world to me & can never know how much you all mean to me. My readers, almost as much or more so than my friends & family, have made this tragedy seem like a stumbling block instead of the Grand Canyon.
     Our cake, made by my awesome mom, not only was a sugar cookie house on a sheet cake but everything from the parking lot to the placement of the firetruck is accurate from the day the house burnt down. Pretty funny stuff! After all was said & done at the house warming party we had almost everything we needed to start getting back to normal. We still haven’t got the insurance money (almost 2 months, don’t get me started!!) but they say it will be soon but hey, we have a roof & we aren’t sleeping on the floors.
    Back to school we went last week! All three boys are officially in school now that our youngest one started Pre-K this year. Last year we pulled Jayden out to home school him because things just got un-manageable but with all we did while homeschooling as well as all the progress we made over the summer (except for that one day when our house burned down) we are really positive going into this year! Our IEP meeting was today & went so freaking well. The 4th grade teacher was already starting to get a feel for Jayden & all his special needs. So by the time we went into the meeting today we could really talk & open up to them about what we wanted for him & not only did she know what we were talking about but I feel like she really understood. It was a good feeling!

Wild Fires In Shawnee, OK

     A couple of weeks ago we had a few days learning what the worst thing that could play on your fears after you house burning down? How about Oklahoma Wild Fires! Just a few miles up the road in Luther, OK things were so much worse than they were here with dozens of people loosing their homes in one day. We had our own here in our town just a mile or less from our new house. Thankfully everything went okay & we were able to rest easy thanks to some awesome firefighters in our area but MAN, I think both Samantha & I had to have a stiff drink after that!
     Things really are starting to settle in a bit, we have a long way to go & a lot of things to acquire to rebuild but we are thankful & pretty optimistic about everything to come!

Getting Back To Normal @ Grandma’s House
First Day Of School x 3! Annie The Dog isn’t happy about them leaving!

Jayden’s Room Now That He Has A Bed!
Mad Magazine While Mom Shops!

Small peices of Jayden’s notebook I found a few houses down from the fire, not much left.