My son is pretty relaxed, all things considering. I mean, for a kid with high functioning autism Jayden is pretty flexible & after everything we have been through I’m amazed every day with him. As I’m sure a lot of you know it’s very hard to know when dealing with an autistic kid what is being a kid & what is autism. We struggle with this all the time, as do a lot of families. Today I saw a rare glimpse of the two in a fight! The ‘kid with autism’ HATES to have his face touched, head touched, & anything on his skin. BUT! The ‘9 year old boy’ LOVES Halloween & loves to go all out! This evening we dressed them up to head to our youngest son’s Pre-K Fall Carnival.  On one hand he knew he didn’t like the process of getting it one but on the other hand he knew that if he was going to be the vampire he wanted to be it was a necessary evil! I think the above picture says it all! He was a trooper & got it done. If there is one thing our kids love is dressing up for Halloween! Take a look below at our end results!