Dear American Psychiatric Association,

     I just wanted to say ‘Thanks! Thanks A lot!’ I’m not saying thanks for causing head aches for thousands of families. I’m not saying thanks for potentially screwing thousands of little kids out of school & public services that they really need. Nope, I’m not even saying thanks for fixing ‘Autism Epidemic by narrowing so that some kids don’t meet them there by lowering the diagnosis rate. Putting to rest fears that somehow as Ma & Pa sleep they don’t have to worry about an army of Evil Autistic kids amassing on the outskirts of town waiting to terrorize the suburbs by being loud in movie theatres, making the schools spend money to be able to handle special needs kids, having melt downs in the Dollar Store, & worst of all….expecting to be treated like humans instead of just staying home so you don’t have to acknowledge they exist!!! Dun! Dum! Dum!…NOPE! I’m not thanking you for any of that awesomeness you have now imposed on us. I mean really what else was I doing, not like I have a kid with special needs or anything. What I wanted to thank you for is completely screwing me when it comes to the name of my blog!! Yeah! Now what!?! Adventures In Possibly High Functioning Autism but if not maybe Social Communication Disorder & if not that you’re shit out of luck….it just doesn’t have the same ring to it!! I’m just sayin!