So……Yeah……I get it, really I do! Autism is a tricky bitch to play cards with & you want to make sure you have her sized up before you call. I get it.  I read everything I could & as far as I can tell, for the moment anyway, no one has to run out and seek re-diagnosis under the new DSM. The DSM-5 will recognize Aspergers Syndrome as a lable no aspie is magically dubbed…..normal?….non-autistic?…un-aspergersy-ish?…you get my drift! As far as schools are concerned no one is really out & out talking about it. Its all sort of a ‘Well, the new DSM5 is published in May so we will see after that what happens.’ So what your saying is school lets out in May so you’re going to think about it over the summer & let me know as I’m trying to enroll him orrrrr? I read about the new Autism overflow catch all that Asperger’s & PPD-NOS was, called Social Communications Disorder. BUUUUUTTT there is nothing in place for that whole mess yet so if you fall into that lets hope that gets fixed ASAP before next school years IEP paperwork comes around because I can remember telling the school he has Aspergers & getting dumb looks so I can’t event start to imagine what I’d get if I threw that at them.
     For the time being, my son still has aspergers & if bucked on the fact he has High Functioning Autism. The sad but true reality is you will probably be fine if you educate yourself on all that you can, speak with confidence, & have that ‘I’m the parent of a kid who is smarter than the teacher but would also play in traffic if turned my back for a second & if you question me or try to pull services I will beat you down with a Bayblade Rip Cord’ {anyone Else’s life hell thanks to Bayblades? Yeah..} look in your eye.  But really, if someone bucks you before you know what the heck is going on just be confident & let them know that while Asperger’s is no longer a diagnosis it is still a recognized label & it has been absorbed into the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis of which it was already a part of. So yes, my kid has High Functioning Autism. See, that sounds all legally & medical-ish right!?! That will keep ’em at bay for a smooth minute while you figure out what the heck to do! My master plan is to drop a line to the Doctor that diagnosed Jayden in the first place to get her opinion on the whole mess. I’m sure it will be okay & I will keep you posted on what happens. Believe me…LOTS more to come on this subject as the months go on.