Jayden next to the Yellow Submarine

     Things have been going pretty good the last little while. Not only have we not had major problems at school, other than the occasional patch of homework stuffed in the desk or not done, but as I said on my facebook page he was a part of the school musical about the Beetles! He has been a part of these things before & while I was upset that I wasn’t able to get off of work for this one I wasn’t ready for the phone call from my wife saying “He has a solo! He has a solo & he is opening the show with a speaking part!!” What the what!?! A speaking part, a solo! We had no idea! With luck my wife had our good camera with a zoom lens that took video. He did amazing, sang his little heart out, & as you can see in the picture below showed off his picture of John Lennon.
     If I have learned one thing from being a parent I think it’s that what ever you do, no matter how much you love your kids, no matter how specialized their needs are you must get the hell away from them sometimes! So when we saw the opportunity to take three days off & head to Las Vegas for a photography trade show we jumped on it! I booked this not realizing that the time changed this morning ensuring that the hurt we feel trying to get on our flight at 5:45 in the morning at an airport 45 minute away from our house is going to be way more painful now that we have lost an hour. But hey! Can I really complain when I’m about to head to Vegas!?! The boys are in a good mood because while it does put a kink that I’m sure we will pay for later in their routine, they are excited to stay with grandma!
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Showing off his John Lennon picture