It’s April, Autism Awareness Month! Today is April 2nd, Autism Awareness Day! I find it’s much easier to think about Awareness Day rather than my fast approaching 31st birthday on the 16th. I’m all about awareness, I mean really….I’m spilling my families guts on a blog. Not for awareness but more so for sanity! Its nice for you to read these post to know your kid isn’t the only one & it’s nice for me to get it off my chest as well as to know a lot of the things we deal with go on in more houses than just ours. Awareness really isn’t enough though. I know its great to be an autism advocate but I’m more like an Autism {I’ll Cut You If You Act A Fool}Ambassador wait…that’s not very PC….how about Ass Kicking Autism Advocate…either way bottom line is while I want people to be aware that these kids have some issues but are just kid & just people that, given the benefit of some patients, are the coolest people you will ever meet. That being said, as allot of us know, those who are aware don’t always care & hey…that’s okay! But what I mean by (Sorry for the

Waiting for snowcones

A word again) Ass Kicking Autism Advocate is I will literally beat you with a large blunt object if you are not nice to my kid. Granted I have two other sons, one with special needs & one without, that I would beat someone over but being mean to a kid with autism gets the large blunt object part thrown in there as an extra “teaching tool” as I like to call it. World Autism Day! Kinda funny isn’t it? All these years of having a kid with Asperger’s has made me think a little like him so when I read World Autism Day this morning I imagined it like Halloween where everyone was walking around pretending to have autism…..Probably would be more offensive to me in real life than the funny picture in my head.
     All in all our life is pretty good right now. Just like everyone we have good days & bad days. This year when we made the choice to go back to school instead of homeschooling it was scary but we have an amazing teacher that has take so much time to get to know Jayden & really learn his personality. She told me at our meeting just the other day that she has been introducing him to a 5th grade teacher already & prepping her to be there for him next year. This woman is a flippin’ saint! I’m sure there are days when she wants to stick a piece of chalk in her eye but she pushes through. He has grown leaps & bounds this year. One of the biggest shocks to me is that he wants to join the running team….yeah….his foot turns in really bad so sometimes he trips when he talks & walks at the same time but this will be good for him. The PE teacher that is running it is going to look out for him, I bought him new running shoes, & he is jazzed! Today was the first day…it’s raining! So we will see what the story is when he gets home from school. Either way I’m just super excited we are into something other than Skylanders, Pokemon, Harry Potter, & Egyptology!!

The Boyz In Tha Hood

     Well, that’s about all I have to say about that…..Have a great autism awareness day & remember if you can’t spread autism awareness gently on everyone you meet then feel free to smear autism awareness on at least some of them & then run away. 🙂

Our Family

Super Random P.S.
 This may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life…..

           Told ya!