I thought it would be a cool thing to do a new video. We have done one or two in the past & people respond to them very well. It helped me a lot when we first started going through diagnosis to see other kids that were just like my son. So after we talked to him about it a bit he not only liked the idea but liked the idea of doing several. After hashing out some details on what to talk about. (Not to autism/aspergers heavy) he wanted to call it Around The World With Aspergers! I loved it! Below is our first video like this. A bit about what he thinks about having Asperger’s; the good as well as the bad & a bit about one of his favorite subjects…..minecraft! Yeah, you other aspie parents feel my pain there right? yeah….minecraft but he loves it! There will be more to come with not only loads of talk about everything from Skylanders to Science but about autism related talk & maybe even go over some of the questions we get in our inbox from time to time. We hope you enjoy!