So, as a lot of you all know because you’re feeling it as well, a massive ice storm has hit a big portion of the United States. As far as we are concerned it wasn’t a huge deal because… well… we are from Oklahoma & weather here is crazy to say the least. Tornados, 50 degree temp ranges with in the same day, & even the occasional earthquake. It was 70 degrees a few days ago & now everything is covered in a thick layer of ice. So this afternoon instead of getting ready for the Holiday Party that we are hosting tonight at the house I thought I would duck out & snap a few photos of the ice.
   It was all fun and games until I ventured over to the trampoline to see how bad the ice was & what do I see? A pair of brand new blue Chuck Taylor Converse pop sickles sitting in a chair that is now a block of ice!! Holy crap! I am so upset but MAN did it look cool! Hope you all are warm & ready for the Holiday! Thanks for reading!
   As I was typing this post I found out that what my dad always told me was in fact true!! I find, now that I’m done shopping, that I could have given my son the box that the presents came in!

The box my wife’s present came in

Is now a “Sleep Pod”