If you have been following this blog for a while you know that while my kids LOVE the elf on the shelf I have…mixed feelings. I am a sucker for inappropriate elves & even though the kids love him they even admit he is a bit creepy! I had a really popular post last year about our elf’s adventures that you can take a look at here.
   Every year we try to do a Christmas video. Last year we did our version of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, if you haven’t seen that go check it out! This year we combine the two! My dad is really crafty so when the kids got into the Elf he made a giant one for his porch & every day we dove past their house the giant elf would be doing something different on his porch! Everything from playing a big wooden banjo to…well see for yourself!

Well, I stopped off today & hijacked the giant elf & the result is creepy, funny, & did I mention creepy! The kids had a blast & it turned out so darn cute! The creepy song playing always puts it over the top for me! It’s like something out of a bad B Horror Movie from 1991. Hope you enjoy!

I know I posted a link but after going back & viewing last years video I just had to post it on here as well! It still cracks me up!