Wow! The last bit of school was great, the summer was even better, & as I came to the realization that I was about to have a 6th grader this week I did several things. 1st. Melt Into A Puddle Of Dad Sludge  2nd. I put myself back together thanks to the nice people at Blue Bell 🙂 3rd. I decided it was about time to jump back to the blog! That’s when I realized that I hadn’t posted, other than small social media posts, since march! Wow!
Things have been good! We took the summer head on with the boys first trip to my favorite place on earth, Colorado! Pikes peak was below freezing, hiking in the Rock Mountain National Park, & having snowball fights in the middle of summer were just a few of the things we did. You can see some highlights from our trip on our photography blog if it tickles your fancy! I think I’ve just about got my wife convinced that if I can market our studio in CO a bit & book enough weddings as well as portrait sessions we may try to start spending a month or two in the summer there. We’ll cross our fingers.
Like I said, 6th grade! How did this happen? I remember him being born, taking a first step, & then BAM here we are. Don’t even get me started on the other two boys, Zion (with an anxiety disorder & MERLD) started the 3rd grade & Deano (Completely painfully NT to the bone) starts 1st grade. This summer has been so amazing, it was like we took a vacation from Autism! Granted I know we still did the same things we always do; routines, de-stressing, all of our autism adaptations. The difference this summer was it was all normal for us, no big hiccups or hurdles! We just rolled through. It was great! That’s why I think it was even more scarier than I thought it was going to be when it was time to snap back to the real wold & start gearing up for middle school. All of a sudden I was all ‘BACK TO THE WAR ROOM’ starting to plan strategies for the transition & digging out my big boy panties to make sure we are ready to go to bat for the kid.
When we heard that the orientation was a ‘Drop off the kids, parents aren’t welcome till the end of the day’ style thing I went into ‘Its okay, Its okay, I’ll just talk it out’ mode but when I couldn’t get ahold of anyone to talk to I escalated to Dad-Con 4. My wife put it out on Facebook & what happened? The teachers, staff, & principal from the elementary school stepped up (a lot of them are on our Facebook) to give support as well as advice. The principal even made a call to the middle school personally to talk to them about Jayden & to make sure someone gave me a call to talk about him! It doesn’t get any better than that. She really went above & beyond, I don’t know what we would do with out such an amazing set of advocates in our corner! I know not everyone has that so I’m being mindful to stay thankful.
He came from the first day excited. The fact that he has science the first hour of the day & is working on picking what instrument he wants to play in the band is great. We are currently deciding between the xylophone & the snare drum so that should be… interesting… yeah, that’s the word I’ll use!
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I love that this photo captures the boys 100% Zion makes a goofy face (his classic defense mechanism), Jayden makes not a drop of eye contact, & Dean is just as A-Typical as you can get!!