Just a quick note to say thanks for all the support I have had over the years with Adventures In Aspergers! With the new chapters we have started, i.e. pre teen & middle school years, I thought I would give the blog a face lift as well as update some things. A new platform, yep I’m switching to wordpress for all you bloggers out there. Also updating the name keeping Adventures In Aspergers but adding the new ‘Adventures With Autism’ as well. I’m not only adding it because it accurate but also because it will improve the sites reach. I started this blog as an outlet & it has been a great one but even more than an outlet it has been a help to so many people that I’ve been inspired to widen my reach & put out as much helpful content as possible. Everything should be integrated from the old site. If you find a link that doesn’t work or a problem or maybe even have a suggestion please as always just drop me a message! I love hearing from readers & I am going to be working on making this blog even more of a recourse spot for families dealing with autism.. All the old articles are still here, even your old links that you have ever shared are still live & work. I’m working to make this transition as smooth as can be but again, if you find something missing or a link broken feel free to drop me a line!


Just in case you wanna drop me a note: