kathy hibbenThis last week has shaken us all to the core. We have a very close family, my parents live on the same block as my grandparents. Everyone sees each other almost daily, thats just small town life. On Wednesday of last week my wife & I headed to Oklahoma City, about 30 or 40 minutes west of us, to hang out for the day (she has an addiction to the scones at sprouts). When we realized we were getting close to having to leave so we could be back in time to pick up the kids I called my granddad to see if he could pick them up from school. (While its out of routine the kids love this & always want to go over to their house) Things went normal & after getting home we headed over to pick them up. My youngest was so excited because grandma (in reality his great-grandma) paid him $3 to get under the table and dust the legs off. 9AM the next morning I got a call from my granddad asking me to come over and give grandmother a breathing treatment because she was having trouble, she has had a bit of a croup. By the time we arrived at their house an Kathy Hibbenambulance was pulling down their street. I went into the house to find her unresponsive & not breathing on the kitchen floor. I did CPR while the medics got in & while they started IV’s, pushed drugs, & did their best but after working so many years in EMS myself I knew there was a slim to none chance of her coming back to us. After being with the family for a while at the hospital we decided it was time to head to school to pick up the kids a bit early to break the news. The two youngest boys (6 & 8) really took it like champs but I had a feeling it was going to be rough on Jayden. How do you break that kind of news easy? I explained that she wasn’t feeling well & reminded him of how she said she was a bit sick yesterday. From there I just tried to explain & tell him about her passing away. An instant breakdown and his breakdown caused my breakdown & then my wife as well. The three of us just sat in the parking lot of the middle school & cried together for a while.

Flash forward to yesterday, our first day back at school. We took monday as a mulligan day. About 1 or so Jayden’s counselor called to let me know that after eating his lunch he went to pick up his lunchbox & couldn’t find it. He knows to check the lost & found as well as the office but had no luck. Someone told him that there was a lunchbox in the boys bathroom that someone has stuffed down a toilet. Yep, that was his! I was proud that he made the decision to go back to class after he had calmed down because he wanted to finish the day but as I pulled into the car line I could see him walking in circles. With any luck they will find who did this by review the security footage at the school but who knows. We don’t even know if someone did it because it was him or because they just saw a lunch box sitting there. Either way, its been a rough go these last few days. This morning he played the tummy ache card & I could tell he really didn’t want to go to school but we talked about it & with any luck it will go better today.

e81e_doctor_who_lunch_box*UPDATE*: Today things went a lot better at school & while he was there we visited Amazon to pick up a special lunch box that is sure to make everything awesome! Check this thing out!!



Yes, My mother was a bad person & dress my brother & I alike despite our 4 year age difference! Thats me with the missing tooth.