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Yeah, I’m pretty sure there are camera’s in this house after watching parenthood & seeing that the character Max is having an interest in girls because this is my life right now! I picked him up from school the other day & right off the bat, just looking at him wait for me to pick him up I could see a spring in his step. He jumped in the car & I knew something was up when I got an Adventure Time style ‘Heeeeeeyyy what uuuuuppppp” When I asked how his day was going he gave me a wink….that’s right a wink & told me it was the best day so here is the run down.

  • Classes were good – All work got done in class & Organizational Skills period
  • Band had a substitute so it was a movie day – How was the movie? It “Did not suck.”
  • Both previous statements equal no homework at all
  • “I have a crush on a girl, she’s a goddess”
  • I talked with a kid about Dr. Who at lunch

Wait wait wait…Crush? Goddess? Holy crap.  My first questions were of course who, how, & why. She’s a girl in a couple of classes, he just noticed her? & why? Listen closely guys because this one is going to melt your face off! “She’s just always really nice, not just to me but to everyone. She is always willing to help other kids. I like her personality & it just makes me smile to be around her” Yep! that’s right, my son skipped right over the ‘She’s so freakin hot’ & went all Mark Darcy on her ass! That’s how it’s done gentlemen, take notes. (In my best pirate voice) We are now officially in uncharted teenaged territory folks. The waters be rough & ever changing here, tread lightly.



5 thoughts on “NBC’s Parenthood Is Stealing Plot Lines From Our Life | Aspergers & Chicks

  1. LauraC

    Love this post!! Your son is very wise for his age. He is definitely on the right track. I hope his Bridget Jones returns his affections!

  2. Amy Logan

    My son who’s 13 and also has Aspergers recently had his first girl interests. Actually the girl liked him and approached him about it!! When I asked my son what his responses were to some if her questions, I quickly realized he responded in his true fashion (one word answers). I agree that teenage years & raging hormones are new and uncharted territory for all parents but throw Aspergers in the mix and it’s mind blowing.
    That’s so awesome how your son was interested in her personality over looks!!!

  3. Tina S.

    Wow!!! Considering the struggles our middle school Aspie kids are going through, to recognize and acknowledge his interest in a girl is very impressive!! We talked to my son last week about a fellow peer who is “dating” and he couldn’t understand why someone would want to date in the 6th grade. We explained that when he realizes he likes a girl, he will understand why. We still have to have several talks because middle school girls can be quite convincing to a gullible soul such as our child, but at least for now we don’t have too much to worry about!

  4. Jo-Anne

    Lol, I love his response to his day but most of all I love that he was so happy after his day 🙂 My son has always wanted to kiss a girl, from the age of 5yrs old! He is almost 8 now and has had problems with choosing the “wrong” friends, who are too rough and too controlling but he has now realised that the girls that have always been so nice to him during the year are the ones he now wants to hang out with because they were super awesome to be with on Friday night at the Halloween School Disco, he was raving all the way home on what a fantastic night it was 🙂 I am hoping the “kiss” is a long way away 😉 Good luck, I hope your son’s “girl friend” continues to make him very happy 🙂

  5. through my autistic eyes

    He’s interested in that girl becase she listens to others, not just him, and always willing to help other kids. This is where his priorities are, when other kids’ priorities could be a pretty face. Nice. When other boys will be hurt by nasty girls with lovely faces, he’ll be in a relationship with a girl with a pretty soul. True what the say about you get what you asked for.


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