An unlikely cure for autism: Dr. Sheldon Cooper

3-big-bang-theory-sheldon-cooper-quotes1We love Big Bang Theory! From the time our son was diagnosed we have always had friends & older family members who had a hard time understanding what was going on with him. ‘He’s just an odd kid’ or ‘He’ll grow out of it’ were common sayings that made us want to pull our hair out. Slowly as shows like Parenthood became more popular they showed some of those people what we go through daily people started to get it. Even more than the heavy story lines of parenthood, Big Bang & Dr. Sheldon Cooper came to the rescue showing the masses that these kind of people are not only productive members of society but they are awesome! It wasn’t just a win for getting people to look at kids with Asperger’s in a different light but it was a release for patents like us, a time to laugh & say ‘he totally does that!!’ Last night we settled in to watch the most recent new episode in which Penny & Sheldon do an experiment to see if they can fall in love by going through questions. Aside from the fact that the episode was hilarious there was a moment where he went all high functioning autistic on us talking about how he wished he could read minds because facial expressions & social cues were so hard to understand. He told penny he was envious of her because she could do these things so easily. While millions of people tuned in & laughed & laughed again at the antics the characters were going through I couldn’t help but take a second to realize that while all these NT people are laughing there are scores of parents just like us watching, welling up with a tears at the realization that it’s going to be okay that our kids aren’t the same as yours. It’s a big deal that the writers add these kinds of story lines. When someone comes along who doesn’t have contact with one of these kids & 10 years ago would have just written them off as an odd ball now they associate them with someone like Sheldon making them, even unknowingly, more accepting of our kids!

Is it a cure for autism… kind of yeah! Because the kind of cure we need is acceptance & awareness! Autism isn’t chicken pox, it’s not something that is going to go away after taking a pill or drinking a fruit smoothie. Granted there are a boat load of opinions on these last two sentences but even if you do think autism is something that is curable we can all agree that awareness & acceptance is always a good thing.

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7 thoughts on “An unlikely cure for autism: Dr. Sheldon Cooper

  1. Gina

    I was watching that SAME episode last night and I agree with you – it is so nice that the awareness is growing! Now if that keeps happening, maybe we will be able to find more help and support for our kids in the future!

  2. Aspie Mom

    Yes!! Great post! We usually have plans on Thursdays and watch Big Bamg reruns. But we were home this week and saw the new episode. Right at the serious moment in the show that you’re referencing, my 9-yr old smart, quirky, literal son had come down from his room and snuggled into my lap. While we don’t typically let him watch, it was perfect timing. What a great moment, for my kiddo to hear someone else (on TV, no less) voice his troubles & anxieties.
    I hope he grows up in a world with greater acceptance and understanding. In part, due to Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

  3. Morgan Smith

    Thank you so much for this post. I just found your blog. I believe my son has Aspergers and I’m certain we will get that diagnosis at his appt this week. We have had so many ups and downs over the last 5 years with his school behavior and “quirks”. I have always said he is Sheldon Cooper. He is such a smart boy, but definitely has the wheels turning a bit differently than most. And that’s OK. I’m the one that needs the help in how to help him thrive.

  4. Tanya Sims

    Excellent post! The awareness for autism is growing, and that is always great news for families with autistic loved ones. My nephew, who has Aspergers, has been using this program Speaking Autism. Their focus is on creating personalized learning apps exclusively for those with autism. The program has been a tremendous help for him and I wanted other families to learn about it. They are only accepting 100 members. You can check it out at

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