Light It Up Blue? Where’s The Matches?

It’s world autism day, better known as Thursday or alternatively everyday! I love awareness & we do everything we can to spread it so why is it that when the world in at your door step saying “Lets all be aware of autism!” do I go into “Bit*h, I can’t BE any more aware!” mode? No, I don’t get rude or mean, you have to talk about it when people want to talk about it because otherwise it will NOT get talked about. On the other hand you have to be careful because for us living the autism awareness that everyone else spends 24 hours celebrating it’s hard not to be jaded that it will all be over in a week or so when the next world whatever day comes along.

That sounds way more jaded than I mean it but you get me right? I vent but at the same time I do want to talk to every person that strikes up a conversation about what I think about a cure for autism or what do I think about vaccinations. Yes, I do want to read the article you posted on my facebook wall about parenting tips that will help solve my problems. It’s cool, I WANT to talk about it & it’s only after all these years I’m realizing that I don’t just have a kid with autism, I have a duty to all kids with autism to educate my community, my family, & anyone else I have access to. (that’s you by the way) Even if the opinions differ or I’m having a crappy day or I’m just all autism’d out that day I still have a duty to educate & make people aware because someday my kid will be grown. The more accepting people are, the more aware people are, & the more prepared they are to come across someone a little different that all makes sure he has a chance. So yeah, light it up blue today? Pass me the matches & I’ll light this world on fire with big blue flames! (metaphorically speaking only, put down the phone! No need to call the authorities! Its way harder to spread awareness when your on a no fly list!)


Cheese Cake On A Stick at our favorite food truck park


Slick new haircuts! These faces are the story of my freakin’ life!


@bleugarten with the kids yesterday. The look on his face is the best!

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4 thoughts on “Light It Up Blue? Where’s The Matches?

  1. Silvia

    Very well said. It is on us to educate those around us on the gift and the curse autism can be. Each one of us has our own story on how autism has touched our’ s and our children’s lives. With that being said I was look for some insight into the service the public school system in OK has available to our children. We will probably be moving out in the Lawton area here soon. I am scared for my son. He is 9 and nonverbal. The school he attends now has a program just for children on the spectrum. They have a whole program set for the children in his class and each child is able to move thought things at their own pace. They have an iPad to utilize and will be building on that technology. In two years every child in the district will have their own iPad utilized as an educational tool. Is this even something the state is even looking into over there. I have read in earlier post that you had some issues with the school system, has anything gotten better?

  2. lara

    I was at some store that was selling paper light bulbs for the big blue. The cute teenage girl behind the counter wanted to know if wanted to “spare a dollar for autism”. Now, I happened to be with my dearest girlfriend, who also has a son with ASD, and I also happened to have just had a VERY rough morning with my aspie 6 year old. So when this poor, poor girl asked what I am sure is a mandatory question, I stared at her for a beat. And then I burst out in the loudest belly laugh you can imagine. My amazing bestie quickly pulled me away, explaining that we live and breathe autism awareness, thankyouverymuch.

  3. Stüwyn Aiken

    Hi Tom. Love reading and watching your videos. I have twin ten year old sons Mitchell and Mason, both with Aspergers and ADHD combined. The youngest twin Mason is also prone to absence seizures. Mitch has Tourettes. Life is so awesome with these kids. Like father like sons I suppose. The boys are both keen photographers and astronomers. Their other biggest challenges is Sensory Processing Disorder, Primarily tactile sensitivity. Not keen on being touched by anyone unfamiliar, shirt tags, any unnatural clothing material. Nylon or polyester is a no no. The twins routines are set in stone. Food prohibited in the house is garlic, onions, cabbage to name a few. Like Jayden the twins have eidetic memories also. They are excellent at not letting one know of their past errors!! My wife Margrit and I are working on this. One of my favourite sons’ traits of Aspergers is the honesty. These little guys have no filters. Ask a question and receive no lie. Like Jayden they also have similar traits. e.g. the repetitive speech, ums etc. Mason when confronted with a problem with commence stimming. Normally shaking his head and hands around. Unfortunately I have witnessed him so many times then have an Absence Seizure. The worst was 380 in one day. Mitch’s has tics and the involuntary profanities from his Tourettes.
    When their hyperactivity comes into play. Life becomes full on. They can do stuff on the impulse. My younger brother discovered this after teasing the twins. Had a few too many beers. Fell asleep. They shaved his eyebrows, painted his face with permanent dvd markers. About a dozen colours. When he saw the facial Picasso he wanted to kill them. He would only kill them with kindness.
    Trying to fly between Australia and Norway is a awesome experience Tom. I will explain that a later stage

  4. christina segundo

    Lol..I used to donate to the blue lightbulb bullcrap from autism speaks.I can’t count the hundreds i put into those light bulbs at stores.It ended when I needed help from autism speaks for a grant for an ipad.I sent referrals and every paper I could only to find out that they didn’t have enough funding..I also found out that oy 2% of donations from the population actually go to help kids with autism and that the iPad grant was a separate sponsorship from a company.9k children applied and only 1200 were given an ipad.Autism speaks could have granted all 9k those iPads but they are too greedy to actually donate to people who truly deal with autism.Ill never donate to the light bulb crap again,nor will I LIGHT IT UP BLUE for them to steal money from people and telling them it’s going towards helping autistic people.I will now protest every store who puts up these paper lightbulbs..#Autismspeakslies


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