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We have been working a lot, it’s easy to do when you are self employed. It’s so cool to be able to travel to new parts of the country photographing weddings at beautiful places. Your business gets just a little popular & it’s super hard not to want to please everyone that asks you to do work for them but so goes life, we have to start turning away some jobs because otherwise your family life suffers. That being said my wife & I both committed to scaling back, re-centering, & focusing on being successful at home as well as at work instead of putting all of our eggs in the work basket. This not only means working less & more efficiently but also doing more one on one things with the kids, doing different things as a family, & of course taking more photos of them just hanging out. We photograph weddings for a living & one of my favorite things about that is the photojournalistic style we bring to it, just capturing it as it happens, moving away from the classic super posed photography. We both wanted to bring this to our home life so Samantha picked up the camera on our day off & used the day to document our stay-at-home mulligan day that we dubbed our ‘no work mental health day’. Take a peek!

Don’t forget we are now doing a web show over on YouTube & if you or someone you know happens to be getting married jump over to our other site Hibben Photography to take a look at our work…Yeah, shameless self plug! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A Day in Photographs | Focusing On Family

  1. Mindy T

    Beautiful photos! I saw a video you posted on you tube, talking with your son about who chooses a restaurant… very cute! I have a 16 year old son who was originally diagnosed with Autism at age 5. At age 13 he was ‘upgraded’ to Aspergers. He is such a beautiful soul! God bless you on your jouney with your son!
    A friend who has a severely Autistic son gave me a window sticker for my car. It reads, Autism is not a journey i had planned, but i sure do love my tour guide!

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