Nerdom Reigns! D & D Comes To Our House


Well, we staved it off as long as we could. Dungeons & Dragons, yep we’ve gone there! Its aaaaalllllll over people, it’s done. We watched Gravity Falls & when he saw the mock version of it  he looked at my wife & said “wouldn’t it be cool if that was a real game!” So she let the cat out of the bag & he did some googling. The next day we had a home made cardboard D&D with hand drawn characters. It was just to damn cute & it felt to good to see him so excited about something that is NOT video games or on YouTube so she loaded him up and headed to the comic book store. Who knew the game was $70 but once he saw it it was to late! Now the entire family is in on the game & we spent this evening after dinner playing. Sam snapped a few photos that I couldn’t help but post up to share. Not my cup of tea, I’m more of a Tetris man myself but totally worth it to see how much fun he was having throwing zombies at us.11880307_10207520314390096_796858852_n 11857508_10207520308949960_1929784177_n 11851174_10207520294469598_1671036382_n 11853846_10207520294429597_949101028_n 11868684_10207520324110339_1849399364_n 11857568_10207520294069588_205897066_n

2 thoughts on “Nerdom Reigns! D & D Comes To Our House

  1. Christina

    you gotta introduce the family to Munchkin. i swear that this way so much fun! it’s so easy to learn…
    and don’t let the fact that there is so many versions stop you. you can START with any version… and eventually buy ALL the versions and make it into ONE BIG Munchkin game.

  2. Rich

    I really enjoy reading your blog! You seem to really thrive in the adventure of being a father. The way you keep your boys engaged in activities is inspiring! As an ABA therapist I find what you’re doing with your son who has asperger’s is awesome!! If more of the parents I work with on a daily basis were as involved as you I’d have a much easier job!


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