High Functioning Halloween

It’s that time of year. You think it’s hard to get a kid with Aspergers to decide on what toy to buy, what they want to eat, or other menial decision? Then you just can’t wait for Halloween when you get to hear 4,377 different ideas on what they are going to be, how they are going to be the best version of that thing (accurate down to a T), & also how they are going to….wait….I think this new idea is better let me tell you all about it!! Yep!

That is really the only down fall of this holiday season because everything else is 100% awesome! As long as you can avoid reasoning with people over why the thing they are handing out doesn’t really constitute Halloween ‘candy’ & they should really be more prepared next time but you know what, that dentist down the street needs to be put in his place for handing out floss anyway! Go get me a butter fingers you uppity tooth fairy!

So far we have gone though a couple of ideas but nothing to elaborate yet. All three kids are SUPER into gravity falls right now, its like their soap opera! So my wife & I are trying to get them on board with a full family gravity falls themed costume. I’ll be grunkle stan, my wife is Mable, Jayden would be Dipper, & then there is some contention over the other two boys. The little one wants to be Waddles the pet pig & Zion is leaning towards Ol’ Man McGuket. Yeah, if it comes out it will be soooooo awesome! BUT if the kids flake I’m thinking of surprising them by making a Dalek costume & coming in with it on that day but we’ll see. I used to envy the parents of NT kids who would just run to the store & pick up an off the rack generic Spiderman costume but now-a-days it’s almost like a challenge to blow other kids costumes out of the water. (Yeah, I’m THAT dad) Last year’s Doctor Who, Demon, & Werewolf were pretty rad so I can’t wait to see what comes out of all the chaos this year.

Here is a look back at a few of our costumes over the years:

doctor who halloween costume




5 thoughts on “High Functioning Halloween

  1. lara

    This made me chuckle. Autumn in king in our home as well. My kiddos began discussing costume plans last November. It became so bad, I had to place a moratorium until October 1. My daughter (who is NT) is almost as demanding as her brother! He wants to be General Grievous ( from Star Wars, as is everything in his life). I am just not sure I can pull it off- I would need Lucas Films to come help with the effects to be up to my son’s particular standards! I look forward to your final choices.

  2. Christina Mikels

    I just wanted to say thank you for making this blog page and you tube channel.
    I am 31 and mom of four boys! Two are on the spectrum. I am re-married and finding that my husband struggles to understand Autism and how to parent his step sons who think /act different than typical kids. These blogs give great insight for us and remind me that I’m not alone! You guys rock!
    Ps…my son with the more severe autism is also named Jaden! 😉


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