explaining autism parenting harry potterA friend of mine got a nasty letter from her HOA the other day. A woman who doesn’t care to understand autism or what we autism parents like to affectionately call an “Asshole” lives near her & complained to the HOA about her Autistic households noise level. It brought up the discussion in the comments section of her post about how to best describe to an “Asshole” that our kids are a bit different from NT kids. In my view there was only one thing to do to ensure that you could communicate with said “Asshole” in a professional & adult manner… A Madlib! An old school madlib about explaining autism. No, I didn’t make it about her situation specifically but something a lot of us have been through. Also no I didn’t use the correct mad lib descriptions like verb, noun, adverb, because to be honest I would probably have to go through & look up each meaning to ensure I was correct only to screw it up & be murdered in the comments section below by a reader who stumbled across this blog 4 years from now.

Explaining Autism To An Asshole {An Autism Parents Madlib}

Greetings & Good Day Friend,

I noticed you (Descriptive Word Ending In ‘ly’) staring at my child having a meltdown here at the (local store) & since you saw fit to bless me with some parenting advice I thought I would take a minute to educate your dumb (Body Part) head about autism. Prepare for a PSA (Nick Name An Old Person Would Use)!

Despite what you have been told by your friends (Sister/Brother/Cousins)’s (Aunt/Uncle/Neighbor) told you that one time you went (Activity Ending In ‘ing’) at the (Place In Your Town). Autism is in fact real & does cause my child to act a bit different. It can’t be beat out of him, starved out of him, or even (Activity Past Tense) out of him. He is just different & that’s it. Sometimes he will (Something Your Child Loves To Do) & other times he will (Something Your Child Does During Meltdowns). I know it’s a bit odd to you & while that’s okay I’ll still thank you to keep you’re (Type Of Food) hole shut within my ear shot. If not I will lay down some autism awareness on your (Sensitive Part Of The Body) Sodom & Gomorrah style my friend!

Thanks & Have A Pleasant Day