autism parenting aspergers blogI’ve learned a lot about being a dad over the last year. I’ve also learned a lot about kids! The main thing I’ve learned over the last year of parenting is that kids are like Ninja Turtles. Give me a chance, stay with me here. The turtles were just these cute little things that didn’t know anything…my kids. Their dad the dirty rat had to take care of them ensuring that they didn’t get run over…thats pretty much me during the baby toddler years, just make sure they are eating & don’t let them die! So then they get covered by OOZE & grow big. The rat then pretty much just tries to raise them but all he can find to help is 80’s TV, Pizza, & Kung Fu…pretty much my entire parenting strategy up to now; Pizza, Full Contact Dadding, & this is not the first holiday season I’ve tried to get them to watch Die Hard with me. My point in this is basically that I’m a bad ass Kung Fu master who eats trash pizza for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Okay maybe thats just my main point but a secondary SUB point is that one day these kids were like these cute little turtles that all I had to do was play with, feed, & keep alive. Now days they are like these grown ass dudes who get irritated with me, don’t fall for my crappy magic tricks, & think they know EVERYTHING!!!! Jayden being 14 now & going through his teen years it so hard for me to know what is crappy teenager that I need to break out my kung fu dadding on & what is a kid with autism I need to be there for with understanding patients.

Side note: If the ninja turtles where from NYC then why did they learn to talk & act like surfer dude from SoCal? I mean shouldn’t they have been rolling around like hard asses from Brooklyn? These are the important questions that keep me up at night.

All A’s & B’s in all his high school classes except for one D. I’m so happy he has friends but thats the class they are in so the grade just plummeted. Thats what I mean. As an autism parent I’m swelling that he has friends but as a teenagers parent I want to drop a load of bricks on him because he is talking with his friends not doing class work. We had a pretty rough go over the last couple of weeks as we approach the end of the 9 weeks trying to not do what I always do. I go to the teacher or the special ed councilor to have them get his work & get it to us for him to get done. This is freakin’ high school man, time to learn to do these things for yourself. Got to pull those boot straps up & get it done if he wants to go to college as bad as he says he does. BUUUT if he doesn’t get in gear & that D stays on his record come report card there goes a GPA then it follows him for me to torture myself saying why didn’t you just help him! Well after a good amount of all out war with him where I felt like a massive dictator, emphasis on the dic part! He got the work from the teacher, spent two days busting balls to get it done, & he has a B now! Whaaaat!?! Is it the strong supportive autism dad understanding? Was it the hard nosed tuff love of the pizza eating rat dad? Was it mom in the background making sure I didn’t emotionally mess him up? Who can say.

On top of the new found cracking voice change, extra 3 inches that makes him look eye to eye with dad, & unsavory smell that lingers throughout the house our aspie has taken a shine to baking. Not sure if its the actual baking or the fact that he wants to get all the sweets…not eat some sweets…this kid wants to eat ALL the sweets. Check out that custom apron he made.