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It’s IceMageddon Outside! {Wait, where are this kids shoes!?}

   So, as a lot of you all know because you’re feeling it as well, a massive ice storm has hit a big portion of the United States. As far as we are concerned it wasn’t a huge deal because… well… we are from Oklahoma & weather here is crazy to say the least. Tornados, 50 degree temp ranges with in the same day, & even the occasional earthquake. It was 70 degrees a few days ago & now everything is covered in a thick layer of ice. So this afternoon instead of getting ready for the Holiday Party that we are hosting tonight at the house I thought I would duck out & snap a few photos of the ice.
   It was all fun and games until I ventured over to the trampoline to see how bad the ice was & what do I see? A pair of brand new blue Chuck Taylor Converse pop sickles sitting in a chair that is now a block of ice!! Holy crap! I am so upset but MAN did it look cool! Hope you all are warm & ready for the Holiday! Thanks for reading!
   As I was typing this post I found out that what my dad always told me was in fact true!! I find, now that I’m done shopping, that I could have given my son the box that the presents came in!

The box my wife’s present came in

Is now a “Sleep Pod”

Our Family Christmas Video 2013 {The Creepy Elf On The Shelf}


If you have been following this blog for a while you know that while my kids LOVE the elf on the shelf I have…mixed feelings. I am a sucker for inappropriate elves & even though the kids love him they even admit he is a bit creepy! I had a really popular post last year about our elf’s adventures that you can take a look at here.
   Every year we try to do a Christmas video. Last year we did our version of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, if you haven’t seen that go check it out! This year we combine the two! My dad is really crafty so when the kids got into the Elf he made a giant one for his porch & every day we dove past their house the giant elf would be doing something different on his porch! Everything from playing a big wooden banjo to…well see for yourself!

Well, I stopped off today & hijacked the giant elf & the result is creepy, funny, & did I mention creepy! The kids had a blast & it turned out so darn cute! The creepy song playing always puts it over the top for me! It’s like something out of a bad B Horror Movie from 1991. Hope you enjoy!

I know I posted a link but after going back & viewing last years video I just had to post it on here as well! It still cracks me up!

A MineCraft Elf On The Shelf

So a couple of years ago when we first got our Elf On The Shelf we went all out & I mean ALL OUT! Elfy- Dealfy was a camper, a photographer, a Jew, & hung out with Woody from Toy Story! You can check out that post here <—  Last year not so much. Having your house burn down just a few months before will really put a damper on the whole thing. Anyway, this year I’m ready! I’m really really fighting the urge to create an adults only, wildly inappropriate blog post of Elf’s gone bad so that may very well be headed your way before the end of this holiday season.

On to dad business! Tonight our elf felt a bit… MineCrafty! So using the printer, a quick print off of a random graphic from google images, & an empty Juice Box our elf became a creeper!


Here is a quick rundown in pics how… I made it “OUR ELF” made it!

Drink A Juice Box…It’s Good!

Cut it up & dry the inside.

I found this with a quick google image search

Folded over the juice box 

taped in place

An inside view.
All Done!

Playing ‘Words With Aspergers’ on my iPhone! {Also, Apps That Help GIVE-A-WAY!}

A friend of the family gave Jayden an old iPhone a while back.  It doesn’t have any service but will still hit the WiFi & allow him to play games & text me. The majority of the time it’s use to play minecraft, watch minecraft videos on YouTube, play games(like minecraft), & he also watches videos (about minecraft).  While having some friends over for dinner a few nights ago someone was talking about scrabble & I got the idea to play Words With Friends with Jayden. I now realize that it was the wrong choice for several reasons.    
  • Thanks to my less than sterling Oklahoma education coupled with the worlds biggest crutch called an iPhone with Siri my spelling skills…..are lacking.
  • I’m, what the word for it? Lazy! If after he plays a word I don’t play a word & I’m at home, he will be standing in front of me with a “Come On Dude!” look on his face waiting on me to take my turn.
  • I’m just immature enough that I can’t help put play dirty words so the fact that I’m playing a 10 year old means I can’t….that cuts my word bank in half!!
  • I feel the need to cheat if a 10 year old starts to get the upper hand on me. Don’t judge me 🙂
  • I know me, in reviewing my track record, if it can be corrupted then I’m the guy who is going to do it! (i.e. Gambling on candyland! Okay…you can judge me for that one!)
Whats worse than gambling on candyland? I was playing a 5 & 7 year old…..& I cheated! I know, I should be ashamed, but its like a jungle in this house sometimes! Kill or be killed!

Okay, the apps we use are for fun or study but I recently got an email from the awesome folks that created an app for non-verbal kids with autism called Voice4u. Not only is it great for these kids but I could see how it could be used on a variety of others. People who have communication problems due to a stroke, traumatic brain injury as well as the therapists, teachers, and parents that want to bridge the communication gap with them. I checked it out, did a bit of research, & watched some videos. It’s a pretty awesome concept! You can create as many as icons you’d like with your own pictures and voice so the flexibility is key. Another key feature that I like is the fact that it’s out for Apple & Android so either way your covered.
You can check out all the awesomeness over on their site at to view a wealth of info! The app runs $59.99 in the app store & it has great reviews. It’s on sale in 43 different countries & comes in English or Japanese. The best part of this whole thing? The team at Voice4u not only gave me the okay to give away their app for free but they gave me the green light to give FIVE away!! That’s like $300 I’m giving out man, that’s awesome! I’m not leaving twitter & instagram out this time so there are a couple of ways to win!
  •  Just head over to my Facebook Page & share the graphic of Jayden & Annie to be entered to win one of the 5 free downloads of Voice4u!
  • On Twitter just share this post or retweet me about it. (Don’t forget to tag @aspieadventures in it so I know you retweeted!)
  • On Instagram you can share this graphic by either saving it & sharing it on your instagram or any creative way you would like (again, don’t forget to tag me @adventuresinasperger so I know you shared)
On Friday I will take a look through all the shares on social media & pick 5 winners! Then Voice4u will email you a promo code! If you know someone who could be helped by this app please share or tell them about it. My kids are verbal, I would say at times they are to flippin’ verbal, I can’t imagine how hard it is for you all out there with bigger communication problems than we have. I get frustrated & distressed for both my special needs kids when they have problems communicating. Sometimes both Jayden & Zion have trouble getting the words out or formulating thoughts. I can’t imagine what you all struggle with!

What Happens When Your Autistic Kid Is More Normal Than The Normal Kid!

It’s pretty well known in our home & with the poor fools who have to deal with us in person that we are a pretty odd family.  I’ll be the first one to admit that Aspergers, while a lot of times hard or frustrating, can be very funny!  Zion, our 7 year old with an anxiety disorder, doesn’t speak much around people he doesn’t know but when we are hanging out around the house we are constantly under siege by a barrage of fart jokes laced with butt humor.  How does this kid go from a withdrawn anxious bottle of stress to an odd ball dancing on the sofa with a pair of dad’s glasses on his butt saying ‘HI, MY NAME IS DADDY…MY BREATH SMELLS LIKE FARTS!” Yeah….I know….you think Barack Obama did that when he was 7? Yeah, probably not. I’m proud either way! 
My vex tonight is the fact that you would think Zion or even Jayden with all his quarks would be the “ODD” one but nope! They both pale in comparison to our NT kid Dean. Tonight he came to get me so he could show me where he is sleeping tonight! A box. That’s right, a cardboard box. Blankets, pillows, & a stuffed animal all tucked in. Samantha gave him the go ahead & before we knew it…..that kid really fell asleep in the freakin’ thing! Granted I had to pop him out so we don’t have to deal with the fall out of a sore neck tomorrow morning but I’m none the less impressed! I guess on one hand I’m happy that all three are odd balls & it’s not a special needs thing, it’s really just having a really strange dad & a mom that is supportive no matter what. I wish they would just stay this age forever! I would take the bickering, fighting, & crying on a daily basis if I could keep them from moving on to all of the yuck that is ahead.  Dances, test scores, cars, popularity, &…….worst of all…..girls! Lord help me!
We have had such an overwhelming response to our little bed time talks on YouTube that I though we would just keep it up. We even used our stop motion app on my phone to make an intro to our videos! So scroll down for tonight’s VLOG (Video Blog) where we talk a short bit about fighting with his brother & Jayden having an inappropriate amount of crying for a little smack that his brother gave him.  We also talk for a second about how the texture of my sweaty thumb apparently is a calming texture for him….what the!?! Check it out.

P.S. Please forgive my horrid singing voice & atrocious banjo playing!

Well, Its Better Than…..A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!

Super Hero!
I’m not sure what the heck this is about!
He got his mama’s big lips!
The professor
Backpack, Tighty-Whiteys, One Cowboy Boot & A Wii Remote – Our Sunday Best!