I realized as I was updating my facebook the other day that I never shared this story here on the blog. My son is 15 years old so sometimes its easy to forget, especially with him being high functioning, that he does in fact have autism! Sometimes I let myself be fooled into letting my guard down and while I want him to be as independent as possible you just can’t stop being cautious when it comes to your kids. So, take a quick read. 🙂

The boys came to us as I sat on the couch and asked us where Jayden was. We had no idea! A quick scan of the house and he wasn’t here. It dawned on me that my wife asked him to take the trash cans to the curb over an hour ago and that’s the last time he was seen. I ran out the door into the 110 degree Oklahoma heat of mid June to find him by the trash cans sweating, trembling, and doing his best to move a trash can that I soon realized I could barley move it was so heavy. With the recent rain the ground was soft and the polly cart was so heavy it just wouldn’t budge more than he had already moved it. It never dawned on him to come in, that he was getting to hot, or that he could ask for help. Best we can figure he was out in the heat about an hour and fifteen minutes. In 110 degree sun beating down on him.

It’s easy, especially when they get a bit older and seemingly more self sufficient in some areas, to almost let yourself relax. Almost tricking yourself into believing that you have autism beat or that we are overcoming. Then you realize you can never completely let your guard down. It’s your job to watch out for a kid who just isn’t wired to watch out of himself at times. He is such a good boy and the fact that he could have very well collapsed from the heat there till we found him is not lost on me. Adulting is hard sometimes y’all.